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Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Sign your LYNCH DON'T TAKE MY GUN  Fax Petition. 

Dear Friend of Liberty,

After House Democrats' staged "sit-in," House Speaker Paul Ryan has agreed to hold a vote on gun control measures. 

This legislation (H.R. 5611 Sec 5) targets lawful gun owners like you and me. 

It authorizes Loretta Lynch to "suspend" an individual's gun rights if the individual has been INVESTIGATED by the federal government for ties to "extremists." (Sec 5) 

And worse, the gun provision leaves it up to federal bureaucrats to determine who qualifies as a potential terrorist! 

The House vote to confiscate your Second Amendment rights without due process may be held THIS WEEK. 

So please act fast. 

Sign your LYNCH DON'T TAKE MY GUN  Fax Petition. 

And then please chip in $5 or $10 to help C4L reach more conservative Americans before it's too late.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul