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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Elysian Fields ~ Now We Are Free ~ Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard

Healing to me
And freely to you from Sol Omnipotens
Wings of Joy
Warmth of Day,
Sun of Dawn
O Sun of Yellow,

The Son of Righteousness,
Son of Morning Light,
Shine high and below!
Shine Aeonion!
Shine now, O Great I AM!
Shine now, O He Who Was!
Shine now, O Great to Come!
Now we are Free!

One the One now whom he was to be!
And the One by whom we now do all see

Healing to me;
Healing to you now freely from Sol:
For all the world too
Live on
Rays below,
Come now,
Wings of Joy
Warmth of Day, Sun of Dawn;
The Sun of
Flame by Day
From Our Lord
True Sun of Liberty
Healing you free.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Real Nature of Politics

Video By: Beyond Liberty  & Mike Rothfeld | Aug 19, 2012

Liberty-Pac: To all the activists reading this forum, I encourage you to check out this 2012 lecture "The Real Nature Of Politics" It's a conservative perspective by Mike Rothfeld. 

NOTE: It's not necessary for you to subscribe to the conservative perspective, in order to gain knowledge and insight on the real nature of politicians and politics. Both sides of the aisle use the same levers, pulleys, strategies and political maneuverings in order to gain power. *This flick is worth your time. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Colt AR-15 Giveaway!

Dear Friend of Liberty,

There can be no freedom without the ability to defend it.

C4L is standing up for freedom every day by fighting to Audit the Fed, repeal ObamaCare, stop NSA spying, and reclaim our Republic.

But each and every one of us has a God-given right - and duty - to defend freedom.

That's why C4L is giving away a brand new Colt LE6920MP-B AR-15 equipped with a red dot sight.

The AR-15 will come with Magpul stock, pistol grip, handguard, and vertical grip and back-up sight. All you have to do is sign up for free below for your chance to win!

All entries must be submitted by 5 PM EDT on Thursday, July 3, 2014. We will notify the winner via email.

Enter Sweepstakes Here

For Liberty,
Ron Paul

House Moves To Rein In NSA

 Video By: The Big Picture RT | June 24, 2014

House Moves To Rein In NSA Internet Surveillance
Friday, June 20, 2014 at 11:13 am By: Shahid Buttar

A year after whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed pervasive dragnet spying by the National Security Agency, Congress has finally begun to take action. Last night, the House “unexpectedly and overwhelmingly” voted in favor of a measure imposing two major limits on the NSA’s domestic dragnet.

By a wide and revealing margin, 293 Representatives came together across party lines to approve an amendment to a military spending bill that — if ultimately signed into law after agreement in the Senate – could deny funding to two particular NSA abuses.

First, the amendment aims to effectively prohibit NSA queries taking advantage of a “backdoor search loophole” (in which the NSA collects information about Americans by designating a foreigner with whom they communicate as the ”target” of their search). It would also prohibit the NSA from building security vulnerabilities into tech products made in the US, as it has for “computers, hard drives, routers, and other devices from companies such as Cisco, Dell, Western Digital, Seagate, Maxtor, Samsung and Huawei.”

Read rest of this entry

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lenny Ladner For Congress

By: LennyEighteenwheels | Mar 24, 2010  

Lenny Ladner Facebook
Lenny Ladner on the Issues

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Why I Am Running As An Independent?

Very simply if I don’t run as an Independent you lose. That’s right, you the voter loses.

Because in November you will have a choice between two handpicked stooges.

One running as a Democrat and one running as a Republican.
And both of them are going to give you more government and government programs as solutions to our problems...

Both of them are going to agree to increase the size, cost, extend the reach and power of the government.

(The Republican in question will vote against the bills but will vote in favor of the budget.
In other words said Republican will vote to FUND WHAT said Republican voted against.)

You see when I wanted to run for Congress in 2010, I wanted to run as a Republican.
I got enough signatures to get on the ballot and then at the last minute the Republican Party said that I don’t qualify.  The Tennessee Republican Party("Republican Party Shafts Patriot") said that they don’t consider me a Republican,   by the way what is a Republican?  ("Link to Democrats and Republicans")  Maybe Chris Devaney will answer this question.
Give him a call at (615) 269-4260

I’m not going to go through that again.

The reason I’m running as an Independent is to give the voters a choice between a Democrat and a Republican who are going to give us more government.
Or Lenny Ladner who is committed to Voting No on any bill that increases the size, cost, extends the reach and power of the government.

Saturday, May 31, 2014


Campaign For Liberty | May 29, 2014

Battle With The IRS BlitzHelp Campaign For Liberty Fight the IRS!

Dear friend of Liberty

“Thank you for supporting our "Battle with the IRS" blitz.

Of the tens of thousands of Emergency C4L Supporter Ballots received so far, a whopping (97%) say Campaign for Liberty should STAND AND FIGHT the IRS' demand that we turn over sensitive contributor information.

To help make sure C4L can stand up to the IRS without cutting back on our other efforts, we’re launching our blitz with the goal of raising $110,000 by next Friday, June 6, at midnight.

With your help, Campaign for Liberty is going to fight back against the IRS with everything we've got.

 So please chip in whatever amount you can afford to help Campaign for Liberty reach our goal!”

For Liberty, 

Ron Paul
Chairman Campaign for Liberty

Friday, May 23, 2014

IRS Targets - Campaign For Liberty

IRS Targets Campaign For Liberty

Emergency C4L Supporter Ballot

Just recently, Campaign for Liberty received a letter fining us and DEMANDING we turn over sensitive contributor information to the IRS.

The statists’ goal is to cripple Campaign for Liberty and perhaps even force us to shut our doors.

But the truth is, this issue extends beyond Campaign for Liberty and could have massive legal ramifications for ALL Americans.

If the IRS gets its way, the door could open for targeting, harassment, and intimidation for anyone who believes in liberty and limited government and takes a stand.

Campaign for Liberty is prepared to lead this fight on behalf of all freedom-loving Americans. But I need you to tell me what to do.

Below you’ll find your Campaign for Liberty Supporter Ballot. Please tell me how I should respond to this new IRS threat.

And after you fill out your Supporter Ballot, please agree to chip in to help C4L be ready to fight back TODAY!”                              

For Liberty,

Ron Paul
Chairman Campaign for Liberty

Reference: IRS Fines Ron Pauls Campaign For Liberty 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Win A Remington M.870 Shotgun - Campaign for Liberty

By: Campaign For Liberty | May 12, 2014
Facebook: CampaignforLiberty

Win A Remington M.870 Shotgun! via Campaign for Liberty

Dear Friend of Liberty , The Founders knew there can be no freedom without the ability to defend it.

So they included the Second Amendment in the U.S. Constitution as a bulwark against government tyranny. In honor of our Second Amendment freedoms,

I'm pleased to announce that Campaign for Liberty is giving away a brand new Remington Model 870 tactical shotgun.

The giveaway is free to enter, and you can learn more at the page linked below. Just click here to enter Campaign for Liberty's tactical shotgun giveaway for your chance to win!

Campaign for Liberty will contact you via email if you are the winner. Thank you for your support of Campaign for Liberty.”

For Liberty,
Ron Paul Chairman                                                                            

Entries must be submitted by 5 PM EDT on Saturday, May 31, 2014. 


Saturday, May 17, 2014

AUDIT THE FED H.R. 24 / S. 209

By: Ron Paul Channel May 14, 2014

AUDIT THE FED H.R. 24 / S. 209

May 8, 2014 Audit the Fed is now cosponsored by a majority of the House of Representatives! Tell Speaker Boehner to hold a vote: (202) 225-0600

Facebook: Fed Audit
Campaign for Liberty Audit The Fed Petition

“Thanks to our grassroots members' dedicated action, Audit the Fed is closing in on a majority of support in the U.S. House for the third Congress in a row!

See the list below to find out if your representative has cosponsored H.R. 24, introduced by Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA-10). (If you're unsure who represents you, you can learn that here.)

If your representative has cosponsored Audit the Fed, contact them today at (202) 224-3121 and urge them to do all they can to achieve a standalone, roll call vote. If they haven't cosponsored the bill, ask them what they're waiting for!

After you've checked the list, please chip in 10$ today to help Campaign for Liberty win in the House once again and turn up the pressure on the Senate to Audit the Fed! ”

Liberty-Pac: Find out if you're Representative is a cosponsor below, if not, contact them today (202) 224-3121 tell them to cosponsor H.R. 24! If you want to Audit the Fed, and then End the Fed, it's up to you to make it happen!

H.R. 24 Sponsor:  US. Rep. Broun, Paul C.
H.R. 24 US. Congress (228) Cosponsors:

S.209 Sponsor US. Senator Rand Paul
S.209 US. Senate (29) Cosponsors:


UPDATE: May 12, 2014
Rand Paul Holds Fed Nominees, Requests Vote on Audit the Fed!
Hold on Federal Reserve Nominees

By Tim Shoemaker on May 12, 2014 in Georgia, Kentucky, National Blog

“In a letter addressed to Senate Dictator Majority Leader Harry Reid, acquired by Campaign for Liberty, Senator Rand Paul notified Reid that he objects to any vote on four Fed nominees without also holding a vote on S. 209, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act.

The letter notes, as we have repeatedly on this blog, that Senator Reid was once himself an outspoken proponent of Fed transparency and closes by noting that Paul hopes to work together with Reid in securing a vote on the legislation.

This comes on the heels of H.R. 24, introduced by Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA-10), surpassing 218 cosponsors for the third Congress in a row. A huge milestone for any piece of legislation. C4L members can help ensure that Audit the Fed gets a vote by calling Majority Leader Eric Cantor at (202) 225-4000 and Speaker Boehner at (202) 225-0600 and urging them both to schedule H.R. 24 for a vote. Then, take a moment to call Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s office at 202-224-3542 and demand that he stop blocking a vote on Audit the Fed and allow the Fed to be fully open to the American people!”

Thursday, May 8, 2014

7TH Annual LPO Picnic and BBQ

7th Annual LPO Picnic & BBQ

Facebook Event: LPO Annual Picnic & BBQ
When: Saturday, June 7, 2014  at 4:00pm - 8:00pm
Where: 2586 Tiller Lane; Suite 2K, Columbus, Ohio 43231

“Join Libertarians from all over the state of Ohio at the 7th Annual Libertarian Party of Ohio Picnic and BBQ. There will be plenty of food and fun!

Cost: $10 with a covered dish or 12-pack of soda, $15 w/o”

Friday, April 18, 2014

4TH Amendment Protection Act

Video by: Politico.com | Febuary 12, 2014

US. Senator Rand Paul files class-action suit vs. NSA

4th Amendment Protection Act Petition

Dear Friend

“My class-action lawsuit against President Barack Obama’s NSA and its unconstitutional spying on Americans is officially on.

Now, I’m looking for ten million Americans to stand with me and take the next step to TAKE BACK our rights. Can I count on your help?

Without it, I truly fear where our fragile Republic could be headed . . . Recent news reports revealed that Barack Obama’s NSA is looking through billions of our emails and phone records every day!

I’ve created a special Fourth Amendment Protection Act Petition, and I’m counting on you to fill it out IMMEDIATELY. As you’ll see, this petition insists that my colleagues in Congress stand with me as I fight to stop President Obama from shredding our Constitution’s Fourth Amendment!

The truth is, I believe this is an absolutely critical and defining moment for our country . . . My hope is this will be remembered for decades as the moment the American people stood up to their government and demanded our liberties be respected.

But I fear without your help, it could be the moment the American people quietly shrink from a fight and instead surrender their last bit of protection from complete government control of our lives.”

Refrence: S.1037 4TH Amendment Protection Act 2013

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bob Bridges For Ohio Auditor

Campaign Website: Bob-Bridges-For-Ohio-Auditor-in-the-Libertarian-Primary

“Please share this page and the word. I need 500 people to pull a Libertarian ballot and Write in Bob Bridges for Ohio Auditor in the Libertarian Primary May 6, 2014. The Republicans have managed to remove our Statewide Slate. ( For now) I am one of two State wide Candidates left. Help me send a message to the Republicans. We will not give up and we will not surrender. We will see you in November!”

Candidate Bio

“I believe the proper use of government is prosecuting theft and fraud. Not to be a burden on small business, to subsidize special interests, to hand pick winners and losers behind closed doors or to conjure money out of thin air. These are not the proper uses of government. State government is lacking representation of the people of Ohio. This is why I am running for office.

The Citizens of Ohio deserve a guardian of their interest, not of special interests. What the citizens of Ohio need is lower taxes, less government and more personal freedom. This is why I'm running for office.

Give me 1% of your trust, and I'll earn the other 99%.

Bob Bridges has been a longtime champion of civil liberties. The 2009/2010 recipient of the Champions of Liberty Grass Roots Award, 2010/2011 Champions of Liberty Impact Award and has been Awarded the Champions of Liberty Volunteer of the year for the last 2 years. Mr. Bridges believes that government belongs to the people, not special interests or attorneys.

A tow truck operator/ and small business owner , Bob works hard every day and knows firsthand what Ohio families struggle with every day. He believes that what the citizens of Ohio really need is lower taxes, less government, and more personal freedom. The proper use of government in this economy is prosecuting theft and fraud, not to be a burden on small business. The same people have been in charge of Ohio for years - Bob believes it is time for change. The people deserve a guardian of their interests, not special interests.”

Monday, April 7, 2014

Win an AR-15! Campaign for Liberty

Video By: FreeToChooseNetwork | March 5, 2013
By: Campaign For Liberty | April 2, 2014
Facebook: CampaignforLiberty

Win an AR-15! Via Campaign For Liberty 

Dear Friend of Liberty,

“There can be no freedom without the ability to defend it. C4L is standing up for freedom every day by fighting to Audit the Fed, repeal ObamaCare, stop NSA spying, and reclaim our Republic.

But each and every one of us has a God-given right - and duty - to defend freedom. That's why C4L is giving away a brand new Daniel Defense DDM4 AR-15. The AR-15 will come with Magpul MBUS front and rear sights and two Magpul mags.

All you have to do is sign up for free below for your chance to win! All entries must be submitted by 5 PM EDT on Wednesday, April 30, 2014.

We will notify the winner via email the following day. ”

For Liberty, Ron Paul Chairman

Enter Sweepstakes Here


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Institutionalized Tyranny

Liberty-Pac: Below is an excellent read by Pastor Baldwin. Note: I do not subscribe some of Baldwins alternative media affiliations. However I do enjoy reading his positions on most subjects, including this one.

By: ChuckBaldwinlive.com| March 27, 2014

What happens when an institution becomes more important than the cause for which the institution was formed? How long should people who believe in the cause remain loyal to such an institution? And at what point does loyalty to such an institution comprise an abandonment of the cause itself?
I’m afraid the majority of Americans have been institutionalized in a manner not unlike the way prisoners are institutionalized after a long period of confinement. After a point, a prisoner is so conditioned to accepting the circumstances of his confinement that, should he be released from confinement, he truly would be unable to cope. Such seems to be the mentality of a majority of us today.
Christians have been institutionalized. The reason and purpose of the church or Christian organization is no longer relevant. Generations have grown up reciting the same liturgies, regurgitating the same prayers, and rehearsing the same programs until the reason for it all doesn’t even matter. But take the institution away from them, and they would not be able to cope.
The Pharisees despised the Lord Jesus because He challenged the religious institutions that had come to govern people’s lives. I am convinced if Jesus came to America today, He would be just as despised by the vast majority of our religious leaders as He was by the Pharisees.
The Church that Jesus built in the Book of Acts owned no buildings, was indebted to no lenders, took no tax benefits from the civil government, had no denominational hierarchy, and identified itself with no ecclesiastical brand. And the Church was just as persecuted by the religious establishment as Christ was.
One of the reasons one may know that the modern church is so unlike Christ and the apostles is by the persecution that it never experiences. Just as the Pharisees were bosom buddies with the Roman Empire’s governing elite, so are our religious leaders today. Caesar was very generous in sharing the fruit of his tyrannically-extracted bounty with his allies in the Jewish Sanhedrin. And they were happy to return the favor by insisting that the Hebrew people submit to Caesar’s harsh rule over their lives.
The Pharisees also enjoyed a cozy relationship with the moneychangers. The moneychangers were descended from a long line of corrupt banking interests that dated all the way back to the Edomites. We are not talking about your friendly local banker here. These were highly organized, well-positioned money-manipulators. Jesus was so incensed with their manipulation and theft within in the Temple that he used physical violence to remove them from the property. He is recorded as doing this twice in the Gospel narratives. Note that after the second time in which it is recorded that He drove out the moneychangers (with a whip, no less), the Pharisees soon had Jesus crucified. There is no question that one of the reasons Pilate ordered Jesus to be scourged with a whip was in direct retaliation for the manner in which Jesus whipped the moneychangers. Remember, the moneychangers were from a very well-ensconced, elitist national (and even international) organization.
And lest you think all of this is irrelevant to today, the moneychangers are still very much with us. The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and other members of the international banking elite, are the direct descendants of the moneychangers of Jesus’ day. And if you ever have an opportunity to ask one of them about it, they will proudly admit it.
Yes, the Pharisees institutionalized religion. This accomplished two things: 1) it helped enslave the people, 2) it helped make them rich. The institutionalized church is accomplishing much the same things today.
The establishment church is doing as much to enslave people as any other institution in the world. Our political institutions and educational institutions have nothing on the church for making good little subjects and serfs to the all-powerful state. And if you don’t think that a host of church leaders are not reaping the spoils from assisting our taskmasters, you’re not paying attention.
Many, if not most, of these big-name TV evangelists have as many houses and yachts and Swiss bank accounts as any big-name Hollywood actor or politician. In some cases, more. Most of these big-church pastors are bathing in luxury. Many of them take the kinds of vacations that only CEOs of the biggest corporations or presidents could afford. Do you really think that the IRS rules and regulations governing these non-profit corporations, called churches, really bother these church leaders? Get real!
No wonder all of these “successful” preachers are constantly teaching their congregations to always submit to the government. No wonder they have no interest in abandoning their 501c3 tax-exempt status. They are in the exact same position as were the Pharisees of old. And they are just as effective in helping to enslave people today as were the Pharisees.
The institution of the church--along with its programs, formalities, buildings, rituals, etc.,--has become more important than the purpose for which the church was created. Instead of preaching the liberating message of the Cross, which frees men from the fetters of sin--and that includes sinful political and financial fetters--the church is preaching a message of subjugation and enslavement. It is teaching people to submit to all kinds of oppression, including religious oppression.
Some of the most oppressed and subjugated people in the world are religious people. There are churches and Christian colleges that are every bit as tyrannical as anything coming out of East-bloc or Muslim countries. About the only thing missing is physical torture and execution. Spiritually, however, the oppression is the same.
How could real men who love the liberty they have in Christ allow themselves--and especially their wives--to be told how to dress, how to wear their hair, what kind of music to listen to, what kind of vacations to take, what restaurants they may or may not eat at, what forms of entertainment they may or may not participate in, etc., etc., ad infinitum?
I tell you the truth: many Christians in America are already slaves. To talk to them about freedom is a complete waste of time. The chains of tyranny are already clamped around their hearts. Why should it matter to them if chains are clamped around their necks? When they talk about “defending the faith,” they are talking about defending the institution. They are slaves to the institution. And the same is true for many unchurched Americans.
What is more important: liberty, or the government that is supposed to secure liberty? To a sizeable number of Americans today, it is more important to preserve the institution than the freedoms that the institution was created to protect.
Our Declaration of Independence states, “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends [the God-given rights of life, liberty, etc.], it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”
Did you see that: “any form of government”? ANY FORM. The form of government is only as good as its ability to secure liberty.
I hear a lot of politicians and media personalities talking about “American exceptionalism.” This is a potentially dangerous mindset. If one means that America is exceptional in our history and the manner in which our Constitution and Bill of Rights were established to protect liberty, well and good. But if it means that America has carte-blanche to do anything it wants--no matter how unconstitutional or tyrannical--because it is “exceptional,” it is a bunch of hooey.
What difference does it make if we have a 50-State Union or not? There is a bill in the California legislature that would divide that State into six states. Five counties in Western Maryland are trying to secede from Baltimore. Ten northern counties in Colorado are trying to secede from Denver. If a State refuses to secure the liberties of the people of that State, they have every right under God to separate. The State is not nearly as important as the liberties of the people within the State.
The spirit of secession is actually growing like wildfire all over the world. In recent history, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Kosovo all separated from Yugoslavia. Transnistria broke free from Moldova. Abkhazia and South Ossetia fought free from Georgia. The Slovaks seceded from Czechoslovakia. And now Crimea is separating from Ukraine.
To be sure, not every country that secedes from another country is motivated purely by the love of liberty. But for those of us in America, the issue that has propelled the desire to separate from one country or one State has always been liberty. It was the love of liberty that created the United States and that created the free and independent states of Maine, Vermont, Kentucky, and West Virginia--all of which seceded from existing U.S. states.
Furthermore, what difference does it make if Washington, D.C., is our federal capital, or, if say, Helena, Montana, would become the federal capital of a mountain state confederation of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Northern Colorado, eastern Washington and Oregon, the Dakotas, Alberta and British Columbia, Canada, and Alaska? Or if Austin was the federal capital of an independent Republic of Texas? Preserving some sort of political union (especially if it is a forced and coerced union) is not nearly as important as preserving liberty.
Again, it is not the political institution that is important. What is important is the liberty that the political institution is supposed to secure.
Many great minds in this country are already philosophizing over the possibility that secession is an idea whose time has come--again. A few years ago, Walter Williams wrote, “Like a marriage that has gone bad, I believe there are enough irreconcilable differences between those who want to control and those want to be left alone that divorce is the only peaceable alternative. Just as in a marriage, where vows are broken, our human rights protections guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution have been grossly violated by a government instituted to protect them. Americans who are responsible for and support constitutional abrogation have no intention of mending their ways.
“Americans who wish to live free have two options: We can resist, fight and risk bloodshed to force America's tyrants to respect our liberties and human rights, or we can seek a peaceful resolution of our irreconcilable differences by separating. That can be done by peopling several states, say Texas and Louisiana, control their legislatures and then issue a unilateral declaration of independence just as the Founders did in 1776. You say, ‘Williams, nobody has to go that far, just get involved in the political process and vote for the right person.’ That's nonsense. Liberty shouldn't require a vote. It's a God-given or natural right.
“Some independence or secessionists movements, such as our 1776 war with England and our 1861 War Between the States, have been violent, but they need not be. In 1905, Norway seceded from Sweden, Panama seceded from Columbia (1903), and West Virginia from Virginia (1863). Nonetheless, violent secession can lead to great friendships. England is probably our greatest ally and we have fought three major wars together. There is no reason why Texiana (Texas and Louisiana) couldn't peaceably secede, be an ally, and have strong economic ties with United States.
“The bottom line question for all of us is should we part company or continue trying to forcibly impose our wills on one another?”
See William’s column here:
Hear! Hear!
In the eyes of God, marriage is the most sacred of all unions. It is far more sacred than any political union. If our Creator has authorized the separation of a husband and wife under certain circumstances in which one party violated the sacred terms of the holy contract (and He has), who among us has the audacity to say that political unions may not be abandoned when government commits political adultery by forsaking its oath to the people?
Again, are we more interested in preserving an institution or the liberty that the institution is supposed to secure?
As an institution, the Church at large is apostate. Yet, millions of Christians continue to prop up an institution that has abandoned the purpose for which it was created. They are more interested in preserving the forms and liturgies and tapestries and buildings of the institution. And, all the while, they are being spiritually enslaved by the very institution they are helping to prop up.
And as an institution, the U.S. federal government is apostate. Yet, millions of citizens continue to make excuses for it, justify it, and condone it. They are more interested in preserving the agencies and entities and power of the institution. Yet, all the while, they are being enslaved by the very institution they are helping to prop up.
What happens when an institution becomes more important than the cause for which the institution was formed? When the institution is civil government and the cause is liberty, tyranny is what happens.
(c) Chuck Baldwin
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Monday, March 24, 2014

Charlie Earl (LP) Canndidate For Ohio Governor Kicked Off Ballot

By: Ben Swann.com  | March 9, 2014

Exclusive: Ben Swann interviews Ohio Libertarian Candidate for Governor Charlie Earl

Ohio Secretary of State John Husted recent ruling - Earl has been kicked off the primary ballot for invalid petition signatures.

Ben Swann.com Excerpt: A federal lawsuit has just been filed by the Libertarian Party of Ohio, challenging a new effort to deny Libertarians a vote for Governor.  This latest attempt, comes from Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted on Friday as he decided to kick Libertarian Party candidate for Governor Charlie Earl off the primary ballot.  Attorney General candidate, Steven Linnabary , also a Libertarian was kicked off the ballot as well.

In an exclusive interview with Libertarian Candidate for Governor, Charlie Earl, Ben Swann asked about this latest stumbling block put up by the GOP leadership.

Earl -“They see us as a threat and a challenge [to Governor John Kasich], we are coming from a Constitutional perspective.  We are on his right”

Read more here: ben swann.com

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Saturday, March 15, 2014


Liberty-Pac: Apotheosis Of Washington  a fascinating piece of art work located in the eye of the US. Capitol rotunda. The painting depicts Washington rising to the heavens in glory and surrounded by Mythical Gods and Goddesses. By: Constantino Brumidi in ( 1865 ) NOTE: (The word "apotheosis" in the title means literally the raising of a person to the rank of a god, or the glorification of a person as an ideal; George Washington was honored as a national icon in the nineteenth century.)

kids.clerk.house.gov Quote: “Constantino Brumidi painted The Apotheosis of Washington on the ceiling of the Rotunda, the center of the Capitol, in 1865. He used a fresco technique in which water-based paints are applied to freshly spread plaster.

The subjects shown in the dome mix individuals from American history, gods of Roman mythology and personifications—abstract concepts illustrated as a person. This mixture of history and myth was a common way to show abstract ideas in art in the 19th century, and would have been easily grasped by viewers at the time.

The center of the painting shows George Washington rising into the heavens in glory. Female personifications of Liberty and Victory or Fame are at his sides. Thirteen maidens, symbolizing the thirteen original states, circle the three central figures. The groups around the perimeter of the main scene illustrate important aspects of America, and tell the viewer what the nation prided itself in during the 19th century. Innovation and industry are important recurring themes.” End Quote

Reference: http://kids.clerk.house.gov/high-school/lesson.html?intID=40
Reference: http://www.aoc.gov/capitol-hill/other-paintings-and-murals/apotheosis-Washington