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Saturday, December 19, 2015


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Enter and Win! Campaign for Liberty AR-15 Sweepstakes

 Friend of Liberty,

"Never let a crisis go to waste."

It's been the go-to page of Barack Obama's playbook since his first day in office.

And after the recent San Bernardino murders, Barack Obama and his cronies in Congress are hell-bent on gutting even more of our Second Amendment freedoms.

But Campaign for Liberty refuses to back down from asserting our Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms.

So in the spirit of liberty and our U.S. Constitution, as soon as Barack Obama called for his latest gun ban, I immediately directed C4L staff to draw up plans for an AR-15 gun giveaway.

But the deadline to enter the AR-15 sweepstakes is 11:59 PM EST on January 31, 2016.

So please submit your information above for your chance to win the AR-15 Obama doesn't want you to have. 

 For Liberty, 

 Ron Paul Chairman

Campaign for Liberty AR-15 Sweepstakes

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

STOP H.R. 1599

Stop the Ultimate Monsanto Protection Act before it's too late!

"Breaking: The Monsanto Protection Act is Back and WORSE than ever! Right now Monsanto and biotech lobbyists are scrambling in Washington DC to try to find enough U.S. Senators to pass a deceptive bill that will kill states’ rights to label genetically engineered foods and give the illusion of proper oversight of their untested GMOs and toxic weedkillers.

Even worse, a small group of Democrat and Republican Senators are working behind the 
scenes to pass the ultimate Monsanto Protection Act by sneaking a rider into a must pass spending bill that would permanently kill the GMO labeling movement in the U.S.

Monsanto already succeeded in passing this bill in the House this summer — US. Rep. Pompeo's / H.R. 1599, by a vote of 275 to 150 — and we need to make sure we stop their dangerous plan in the Senate.

We need all hands on deck to stop the ultimate Monsanto Protection Act and convince your Senators not to violate states' rights and kill GMO labeling and allow GMOsto be labeled "natural"!

This is a blatant power grab to deny Americans their basic right to know and protect flawed GMO products - and we can’t allow them to get away with it. We need your help today. Every voice counts!

To find out how your Congressman voted on House Vote 462 to pass H.R. 1599 - 275 to 150, click here."

Sign the Petition

Update: Submitted by Dave Murphy on Dec 11, 2015 

"RED ALERT: Right now a handful of members of Congress are trying to sneak a legislative rider into a must pass spending bill in a backroom deal - Stop Monsanto's GMO Trolls in Congress - Every voice counts!

This is it. Literally. The next 48 hours could decide whether Americans will win GMO labeling OR have transparency and freedom in our food supply, permanently stolen by a legislative trick known as a policy rider that is designed to preempt states’ rights and make it illegal for states to pass common sense GMO labeling bills, like Connecticut, Maine and Vermont have already successfully done.

As a result of our movement's recent successes and in a desperate effort to kill the growing national GMO labeling movement, a handful of Senators and Representatives are working desperately to sneak a rider in the must pass spending bill – called the Omnibus – that will turn the lights out on freedom, democracy and transparency in both our food and our political systems. Rumors from DC are that they are trying to wrap up negotiations this weekend.

We need to make sure they hear – Loud and Clear – that we won’t allow them to steal our basic democratic rights to protect Monsanto’s toxic profits.

1. Make a call today! This deal - the ultimate Monsanto Protection Act - could pass in the next 48 hours and we need your help today! Click here to tell your Senators to support mandatory GMO labeling and to stand up for your rights and the Constitution!

2. Click here to send a letter to your Senators today! Every voice counts!

Then SHARE this image far and wide to Stop Monsanto's GMO Trolls in the Senate!"