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Monday, April 16, 2012

LibertyFest III

LibertyFest III

LibertyFest III New York City October 13, 2012 - Tickets on sale now. Guest speakers include -
Tom Woods, Adam Kokesh, Jordan Page, John Bush, Mike Salvi, Christopher Lawless, Gigi Bowman, Judge Jim Gray, Carla Howell, Danny Panzella, Tatiana Moroz, Luke Rudkowski, David A. Gay, Kristin Davis, Chris Cantwell,Michael Boldin, Prince Vega, Tom Mullen, HeistClick, Dan Holloran, Payday Monsanto, Darcy Van Orden, John Brazile, Tracy Diaz confirmed. More to be Announced - Full details and tickets purchased here.

Ticket Price Breakdown. Buy Early, Save BIG!
Price of ticket April = $15
Price of ticket May - July = $19
Price of ticket Aug - Oct = $25
Price of ticket at the door = $30

Venue Website: WIP (Work in Progress)
Location: 34 Vandam Street. Manhattan, New York 10013
Neighborhood: South Village
Must be: 18 or older to attend
Dress Code: Not that strict
Date/Time: Saturday, October 13th, 3PM - 10:PM

Highlights from Liberty Fest II September 10, 2011

Video By: TruthSquad.TV | September 13, 2011

LibertyFest II - “brought together activists, authors, bloggers, artists and musicians from different political backgrounds and parts of the country to celebrate the cause of Liberty. The event drew an impressive roster of speakers, including NY Times best-selling author and Senior Fellow Ludwig von Mises Institute, Tom Woods. Other speakers included philosopher Stefan Molyneux; singer/songwriter Jordan Page; Scott Horton of antiwar.com, Andrew Schiff, Director of Communications and Marketing for Euro Pacific Capital, former Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack; former Congressional candidate Adam Kokesh; Gary Franchi, founder of the RTR.org social network; and 2012 Libertarian Presidential Candidate, R.J.Harris, among others.”

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tell Your Senators to Support S. 202!

By: Matt Hawes Vice President programs, Campaign For Liberty April 4, 2012

“As H.R. 459, Audit the Fed, continues to gain momentum in the U.S. House,C4L needs your help today to turn up the pressure on the Senate to support its companion legislation, S. 202.

With Congress in the middle of their “Spring Break,” things are quiet on the Hill.

So our collective shout in support of transparency will ring even louder if we take advantage of this opportunity!

The list of S. 202's current cosponsors is below. (Dates beside the names indicate when they signed on.)

**If your senators have signed on, call them through the congressional switchboard at 202-224-3121 to urge them to do everything in their power to achieve a roll call vote on S. 202.

**If your senators currently don’t support the bill, call Congress and demand they stand up for transparency and accountability by cosponsoring as soon as they return from their break.

**Visit your senators’ websites to get their district office information and call their local offices with the same message you sent to their Hill staff.

After you’ve called your senators, I hope you’ll also chip in $10 or $15 so Campaign for Liberty can continue to recruit more Americans to this fight and keep pressure on both houses of Congress for an up or down, roll call vote on Audit the Fed.”

Audit The Fed Fact Sheet
S.202 On-Line Petition
H.R.459 PDF Petition
S.202 PDF Petition