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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Obama Care Blues - Money for Nothing

Uploaded By: Politizoid | May 17, 2010

“Mark Knockoffler sings the ObamaCare Blues with his band Dem Strait. Turn the collar up on your iZod and rock out like it's 1985.”

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Alan Stang TEA Party National Protests

By: Republic Broadcasting.org | April 15, 2009

Alan Stang discusses how the grass roots organized Tea Parties were co-opted and Hijacked by the Establishment, as a way to refocus the Liberty movements energy back into the Falce..... LEFT vs. RIGHT paradigm.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Foundation For A Free Society

By: Jason Rink Foundation For A Free Society | October 31, 2010

"Jason Rink speaks at the Nullify Now Conference in Chattanooga, TN. The topic is "The Three Enemies of Liberty." Watch the video to find out what they are."

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Plato: Allegory of the Cave 360 B.C.E.

Excerpt from: web.stanford.edu

“In The Republic, Plato sums up his views in an image of ignorant humanity, trapped in the depths of a cave and not even aware of its own limited perspective. The rare individual escapes the limitations of that cave and, through a long, tortuous intellectual journey, discovers a higher realm, a true reality, with a final, almost mystical awareness of Goodness as the origin of everything that exists. If he were living today, Plato might replace his rather awkward cave metaphor with a movie theater, with the projector replacing the fire, the film replacing the objects which cast shadows, the shadows on the cave wall with the projected movie on the screen, and the echo with the loudspeakers behind the screen. The essential point is that the prisoners in the cave are not seeing reality, but only a shadowy representation of it.

The importance of the allegory lies in Plato's belief that there are invisible truths lying under the apparent surface of things which only the most enlightened can grasp. Used to the world of illusion in the cave, the prisoners at first resist enlightenment, as students resist education. But those who can achieve enlightenment deserve to be the leaders and rulers of all the rest. At the end of the passage, Plato expresses another of his favorite ideas: that education is not a process of putting knowledge into empty minds, but of making people realize that which they already know. This notion that truth is somehow embedded in our minds was also powerfully influential for many centuries.” Transcript

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Occupation Dreamland

By: Filmmakers Garrett Scott and Ian Olds | Occupation Dreamland

"Occupation Dreamland is an unflinchingly candid portrait of a squad of American soldiers deployed in the doomed Iraq city of Falluja during the winter of 2004. 

A collective study of the soldiers unfolds as they patrol an environment of low-intensity conflict creeping steadily towards catastrophe. 

Through the squads activities Occupation Dreamland provides a vital glimpse into the last days of Falluja. The film documents the citys waning stability before a final series of military assaults began in the spring of 2004 that effectively destroyed it."