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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Origins of ISIS

TRUTH IN MEDIA By: Ben Swann | 12 March 2015

Quote: In the latest episode of Truth in Media, Ben Swann investigates the origins of the militant group referred to as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Read More Here.

US. Senator Rand Paul | 18 September 2014

US. Senator Rand Paul Argues Against U.S. Arming Syrian Rebels on Senate Floor - September 18, 2014

By: Ben Swann | 19 November 2015

Quote: "There is so much debate over how the U.S. and other nations will stop ISIS but can these leaders be trusted? Ben Swann exposes secret DOD Documents that prove the U.S. wanted ISIS to emerge in Syria."

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Black Lives Matter Demonstrators Don’t Need Permission to Protest

TRUTH IN MEDIA By: Ben Swann | July 14, 2016

Quote: The nation is on edge as hundreds of thousands of people are protesting the deaths of black men at the hands of police officers. Tens of thousands of people have been marching and protesting nonviolently here in Atlanta.
Now, the question the media has been asking is how long this will be allowed.
But since free speech is a constitutional right, why does anyone believe that protesters need permission?
Let’s give it a Reality Check.
“I ask the protesters, you may continue to protest— not you may, it’s your right to— but please continue to do so in a peaceful fashion.”
Glad that Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed corrected himself there so that we don’t have to.
Protest is a right and does not require permission.
But at his briefing on Monday, Mayor Reed also indicated that the city might institute a curfew to crack down on protesters after 5 consecutive nights of protests. Tonight, we’re going to take a look at three arguments against these protests.
The first argument is that these protesters are inciting hate. The claim that you can’t shout “fire” in a crowded theater, therefore protesters who are shouting in the faces of police officers— do they have the right to do so?
That argument doesn’t hold water. That’s because the “fire in a crowded theater” argument is a paraphrase of a paragraph in a 1919 U.S. Supreme Court written by Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. It is often cited as justification for limiting free speech, but this is what Holmes actually wrote:
“The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man in falsely shouting fire in a theatre and causing a panic … The question in every case is whether the words used are used in such circumstances and are of such a nature as to create a clear and present danger.”
To be clear, violence has not been committed against police officers her in Atlanta, nor are these protests calling for violence. They are calling for change.
The second criticism: what about the need for a permit?
In Atlanta, protesters are required to have a permit. According to the city, an assembly must have only two of the following three criteria:
  • Has greater than seventy-four people
  • Travels for greater than two blocks
  • Moving portion lasts for greater than one hour
If those things happen, you’re required to have a permit. When it comes to these protests, all three of those criteria would be met, so where is the permit? The truth is, requiring permits for assemblies is unconstitutional.
The First Amendment guarantees the right to assemble, the right to free speech and the right to demand a redress of grievances. The First Amendment does not include a requirement for a permit; that is the creation of municipalities.
Which leads us to our third issue: that protesters are breaking the law.
And they are. Walking on the streets, attempting to shut down the interstate— yes, these protesters are, in fact, breaking the law.
But what you need to know is that nonviolent protest through civil disobedience was the center of the original civil rights movement, a movement itself that was centered here in Atlanta.
During the civil rights era, African-Americans marching in the streets at that time were also breaking the law. When protesters refused to move to the back of the bus, or sat in a “whites only” restaurant, they were breaking the law.
When protesters tried to march across the Edmund Pettus bridge on Bloody Sunday, they were refusing to obey the orders of law enforcement.
Protest often requires civil disobedience that does not injure or harm but that certainly does create disruption. Because it recognizes one very important fact: not every law is lawful.
That’s Reality Check. Let’s talk about it on twitter.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Sign your LYNCH DON'T TAKE MY GUN  Fax Petition. 

Dear Friend of Liberty,

After House Democrats' staged "sit-in," House Speaker Paul Ryan has agreed to hold a vote on gun control measures. 

This legislation (H.R. 5611 Sec 5) targets lawful gun owners like you and me. 

It authorizes Loretta Lynch to "suspend" an individual's gun rights if the individual has been INVESTIGATED by the federal government for ties to "extremists." (Sec 5) 

And worse, the gun provision leaves it up to federal bureaucrats to determine who qualifies as a potential terrorist! 

The House vote to confiscate your Second Amendment rights without due process may be held THIS WEEK. 

So please act fast. 

Sign your LYNCH DON'T TAKE MY GUN  Fax Petition. 

And then please chip in $5 or $10 to help C4L reach more conservative Americans before it's too late.

For Liberty,
Ron Signature
Ron Paul

Friday, June 17, 2016


Campaign For Liberty | 14 June 2016

Dear Friend of Liberty,

In celebration of C4L's 8th Anniversary this month, please join me in signing the "Continue the R3VOLution" Declaration below!

You may also write me a personal message, explaining what fuels your personal Campaign for Liberty.

And after you have signed, please chip in a quick contribution to keep this r3VOLution running strong.

For Liberty,
Ron Paul 

I AGREE with Dr. Ron Paul that Campaign for Liberty will continue to win tremendous victories for liberty.

Campaign for Liberty should build on its past success to restore a free society in the next several years by:

• Passing Audit the Fed;
• Rolling back the Surveillance State;
• Ending the IRS's war on the liberty movement;
• Firing the TSA;
• Keeping the Internet free of taxes and regulations;
• Advancing freedom and beating back statism at the state and local levels;
• Recruiting and training thousands more pro-liberty Americans to fight!

Accomplishing these goals requires the constant support of the grassroots Americans whose support has enabled Campaign for Liberty to make a real difference for the cause of freedom in its first eight years.

Therefore, I join Dr. Paul and others in promising I will do all I can to Continue the R3VOLution!


Saturday, May 21, 2016

Castle / Bradley 2016

C-Span April 24, 2016 | Constitution Party and Third-Party Presidential Bids

Constitution Party 2016 presidential candidate Darrell Castle talked by video from Memphis, Tennessee, about his bid for the presidency, as well as the role of third-party candidates in the 2016 election. 

Castle / Bradley 2016

“It is the nature of the State to seek dominance over the population.   Freedom will not ultimately remain intact if we leave it unattended.  America needs forward thinking leaders — leaders who do not apologize to the politically-correct demands of the thought police.   Self-hatred and appeasement only foster more disrespect.  We must find a way to chart our own course in the world as free and independent people.” - Darrel Castle

Liberty-Pac: Quick note, Comfortably numb from this past weeks events and thinking strategies in these AM hours hummm.... I believe I will miss all this, being right here at this moment in time, many many years from now. It is truly an extraordinary time to be alive.

The present generation must continue the struggle for Liberty in our time. For this is not a single battle to be waged in the war of ideas, but a series of battles in our great generational struggle to liberate mankind from the hands of tyranny and oppression.

Future generations will one day emulate and build off the great works we accomplished in our day. Stay the course, pursue the goal and never give up.

“Let us disappoint the men who are raising themselves upon the ruin of this country.” ~John Adams~

Sunday, May 15, 2016




DATE: 4/25/2016 


The ongoing chaos you and I have witnessed in the 2016 Republican presidential contest could be a godsend in our battle to Audit the Fed... 

But the clock is ticking,  So I must be able to count on your IMMEDIATE action. 

I've never done this before, Patriot.

* But I'm rushing you this confidential memo to lay out our plans Campaign for Liberty staff has put together to pass Audit the Fed through BOTH houses of Congress before voters go to the polls this November.

I'm asking you to please sign off on the enclosed Audit the Fed Budget Proposal, and -- if possible --agree to your most generous contribution to help put this plan into action.

The truth is, the political landscape has changed dramatically since you and I fell only seven votes shy in our battle to pass Audit the Fed in January.

>>> Many nervous U.S. Senators up for re-election in 2016 now believe the Big Government political establishment may no longer be strong enough to save them.

>>> Members of BOTH parties are worried about hitching their wagons to their party's possible nominees.

Meanwhile,  many Americans are feeling the initial tremors of another economic earthquake that could dwarf the financial crisis of 2008!

From the U.S. and Canada,  to China and Japan,  to England and Germany, economic conditions are beginning to worsen around the globe. 

The U.S. stock market continue to seesaw after it's worst start to a new year in history!

Make no mistake. The chickens are just beginning to come home to roost from all the madness the Federal Reserve and BOTH parties have created over the past decade.

>> And it's going to be ugly.

I'm afraid the Fed's response won't "just" be limited to bailouts, sweetheart loans to their cronies here in the United states and abroad, and "stimulus" packages.

Even media outlets like CNN are reporting "global central banks are running 'out of ammo' " to paper over the problems their print -now-ask- questions -later policies have created!

Already, while stating she isn't sure she has the authority to do so, Janet Yellen is openly discussing the possibility of imposing negative interest rates -- a radical inflationary tool never used in the United States!

And I can assure you that won't be all.

Everything from wage and price controls, higher taxes and more regulations,  to outright government confiscation of retirement accounts could all be on the table.

Every last shred of American wealth could be wiped out overnight!  <

But their's  one thing stopping them.  The 2016 presidential race is proving the media "experts" bankster apologists, and political know-it-alls have all seen their power vanish.

The American people are no longer listening to them. 

Politicians know -- in this new environment  -- NO ONE is safe. *

That's why it's up to you and me to send a message to politicians in BOTH parties that standing in defense of the Federal Reserve's madness could be political suicide.

Forcing passage of Audit the Fed will finally show the American people the Federal Reserve system leads to:

*** Ever-expanding Big Government boondoggles like "ObamaCare."
       Now  that politicians have figured out the fed will just print money out of thin air to pay bills if taxing and borrowing can't make ends meet,  the floodgates are wide open for even more of the statists' utopian plans;

*** Constant economic crisis.  Centrally planned interest rats and money manipulation lead to one economic bubble after another --  just as we saw in the housing crisis and as we're seeing now in the U.S. stock market;

*** The destruction of the middle class.  As the cost of everyday necessities soar,  those who are NOT on the government dole are forced to make do with less as the value of their money sinks;

*** Currency destruction. History sows us that riots, violence, and full-scale police states can result when people finally realize our money isn't worth the paper it's printed on and REFUSE to accept it.

Already, Campaign for Liberty staff are turning up the heat on members of the U.S. House to cosponsor Audit the Fed, and beginning to pressure new House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Passing Audit the Fed through the U.S. House will only increase the momentum on the U.S. Senate to pass the bill.

The good news is,  we're up to 190 cosponsors in the House -- just 28 away from having a majority of the House of Representatives cosponsoring this bill.

Once you and I reach that mark,  my staff will launch a $3.3 million program  (if we can raise the funds)  to put Audit the Fed on President Obama's desk before voters head to the polls this fall.

> You and I will win no matter how the vote goes.

>>> If the U.S. Senate refuses to act again -- or if they once again uphold Harry Reid's filibuster -- those who stood against you and me in January and refused to take the opportunity to repent could pay a very steep price in November.

>>> If Audit the Fed passes Congress and President Obama vetoes, it will force Audit the Fed to the forefront of the American political debate -- right when the American people are zeroing in on the presidential race.

With Fed banksters already plotting their worst,  their's never been a better time to force members of Congress to choose ...

!!! Stand with the Fed banksters responsible for the status quo Americans are rejecting.  Or stand with nearly 75% of the American people who support Audit the Fed.

But it all begins with you and me.

As i mentioned, my staff has put together a $3.3 million plan to force audit the Fed through BOTH houses of Congress, which I've detailed for you on the enclosed reply form.

As you'll see,  this plan includes everything from targeted mailings and emails to hard-hitting TV ads in 10 targeted U.S. Senate states. 

My hope is to launch this plan in the next 15 days.  But I've decided I will not act without the sign off of Campaign for Liberty supporters just like you.  

After all, your're the reason we've passed Audit the Fed with overwhelming bipartisan majorities in each of the last two Congresses.

You're the reason we were able to force a vote on Audit the Fed in the U.S. Senate,  only to be stopped by a filibuster.

*  In other words,  without you, all of our plans are just words on paper.

So Patriot,  I'm counting on you.

Will you please sign off on the enclosed Audit the Fed Budget Proposal?

And if possible, will you please agree to your most generous contribution of 300$ right away?

I know I'm asking you to streach.  But it's so critical we reach our $3.3 million goal to put this plan into ACTION.

Of course, if it's just too much at this time,  please agree to $200 or at least $100.

The timing has never been better to finally EXPOSE the Fed.

>> So please sign off on the enclosed Budget Proposal and agree to your most generous contribution of $300,  $200,  or at least $100 right away!

We have come so far with Audit the Fed, and I know your a big reason why. Your support would mean so much to me. So please act right away.

Campaign for Liberty

Sunday, April 24, 2016

C4L Emergency Money Bomb

Campaign for Liberty Emergency Money Bomb



With time running out in the Obama presidency, I suspect “DESTROY ALL ENEMIES” is the secret battle cry emerging from the White House right now.

Big Government goons are free to set their sights back on their number-one priority -- that’s punishing organizations like Campaign for Liberty for refusing to chill the political free speech of our supporters.

But as Campaign for Liberty’s finances stand right now, I will have no choice but to surrender to President Obama’s IRS henchmen and shut Campaign for Liberty’s doors if that happens.

I’m relying on your immediate contribution to help me resist. Please chip in whatever amount you can afford to help C4L fight back.

For Liberty 
Ron Paul 

Saturday, March 12, 2016

March AR-15 Giveaway

Video: Presentation
Website: Campaign For Liberty
Facebook: Campaign For Liberty
Enter: AR-15 Sweepstakes

“The Founders knew there can be no freedom without the ability to defend it. 

So they included the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights as a bulwark against government tyranny. 

In honor of our Second Amendment freedoms and with spring right around the corner, Campaign for Liberty is giving away a brand new Colt LE6920MP AR-15. 

But you can't win if you don't enter. 

So click here for your chance to win an AR-15

The deadline to enter our free giveaway is Thursday, March 31 at 11:59 PM EDT. 

Campaign for Liberty will contact you via email if you are the winner. 

Thanks for your support of Campaign for Liberty, and good luck!”

For Liberty,

Ron Paul 

Saturday, December 19, 2015


Facebook: Campaign for Liberty
Enter and Win! Campaign for Liberty AR-15 Sweepstakes

 Friend of Liberty,

"Never let a crisis go to waste."

It's been the go-to page of Barack Obama's playbook since his first day in office.

And after the recent San Bernardino murders, Barack Obama and his cronies in Congress are hell-bent on gutting even more of our Second Amendment freedoms.

But Campaign for Liberty refuses to back down from asserting our Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms.

So in the spirit of liberty and our U.S. Constitution, as soon as Barack Obama called for his latest gun ban, I immediately directed C4L staff to draw up plans for an AR-15 gun giveaway.

But the deadline to enter the AR-15 sweepstakes is 11:59 PM EST on January 31, 2016.

So please submit your information above for your chance to win the AR-15 Obama doesn't want you to have. 

 For Liberty, 
 Ron Paul Chairman

Campaign for Liberty AR-15 Sweepstakes

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

STOP H.R. 1599

Stop the Ultimate Monsanto Protection Act before it's too late!

"Breaking: The Monsanto Protection Act is Back and WORSE than ever! Right now Monsanto and biotech lobbyists are scrambling in Washington DC to try to find enough U.S. Senators to pass a deceptive bill that will kill states’ rights to label genetically engineered foods and give the illusion of proper oversight of their untested GMOs and toxic weedkillers.

Even worse, a small group of Democrat and Republican Senators are working behind the 
scenes to pass the ultimate Monsanto Protection Act by sneaking a rider into a must pass spending bill that would permanently kill the GMO labeling movement in the U.S.

Monsanto already succeeded in passing this bill in the House this summer — US. Rep. Pompeo's / H.R. 1599, by a vote of 275 to 150 — and we need to make sure we stop their dangerous plan in the Senate.

We need all hands on deck to stop the ultimate Monsanto Protection Act and convince your Senators not to violate states' rights and kill GMO labeling and allow GMOsto be labeled "natural"!

This is a blatant power grab to deny Americans their basic right to know and protect flawed GMO products - and we can’t allow them to get away with it. We need your help today. Every voice counts!

To find out how your Congressman voted on House Vote 462 to pass H.R. 1599 - 275 to 150, click here."

Sign the Petition

Update: Submitted by Dave Murphy on Dec 11, 2015 

"RED ALERT: Right now a handful of members of Congress are trying to sneak a legislative rider into a must pass spending bill in a backroom deal - Stop Monsanto's GMO Trolls in Congress - Every voice counts!

This is it. Literally. The next 48 hours could decide whether Americans will win GMO labeling OR have transparency and freedom in our food supply, permanently stolen by a legislative trick known as a policy rider that is designed to preempt states’ rights and make it illegal for states to pass common sense GMO labeling bills, like Connecticut, Maine and Vermont have already successfully done.

As a result of our movement's recent successes and in a desperate effort to kill the growing national GMO labeling movement, a handful of Senators and Representatives are working desperately to sneak a rider in the must pass spending bill – called the Omnibus – that will turn the lights out on freedom, democracy and transparency in both our food and our political systems. Rumors from DC are that they are trying to wrap up negotiations this weekend.

We need to make sure they hear – Loud and Clear – that we won’t allow them to steal our basic democratic rights to protect Monsanto’s toxic profits.

1. Make a call today! This deal - the ultimate Monsanto Protection Act - could pass in the next 48 hours and we need your help today! Click here to tell your Senators to support mandatory GMO labeling and to stand up for your rights and the Constitution!

2. Click here to send a letter to your Senators today! Every voice counts!

Then SHARE this image far and wide to Stop Monsanto's GMO Trolls in the Senate!"