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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Race For Raqqa: Major U.S. Escalation In Syria

 RonPaulLibertyReport | 9 March 2017 

Written by: Daniel McAdams Quote "US boots are on the ground in Syria. Nearly 1,000 to be exact. Not counting CIA or contractors. President Trump has ordered several hundred US Marines onto Syrian soil (without permission) to participate in the attack on Raqqa, and he has sent several dozen Army Rangers to Manbij to try to prevent US-backed forces and Turkish-backed forces from killing each other instead of killing ISIS. The Russians have also sent troops to Manbij -- at the request of the US-backed YPG forces! Is Trump's Syria to just take all that was wrong with Obama's Syria and double it? We discuss in today's Liberty Report:End quote

Is U.S. Headed for Quagmire in Syria? 

SALON 9 March 2017

More Troops in Syria: Trump Orders Boots on the Ground 

CNN.COM 12 March 2017

Assad: U.S. Military Forces in Syria "Invaders"

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