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Friday, June 17, 2016


Campaign For Liberty | 14 June 2016

Dear Friend of Liberty,

In celebration of C4L's 8th Anniversary this month, please join me in signing the "Continue the R3VOLution" Declaration below!

You may also write me a personal message, explaining what fuels your personal Campaign for Liberty.

And after you have signed, please chip in a quick contribution to keep this r3VOLution running strong.

For Liberty,
Ron Paul 

I AGREE with Dr. Ron Paul that Campaign for Liberty will continue to win tremendous victories for liberty.

Campaign for Liberty should build on its past success to restore a free society in the next several years by:

• Passing Audit the Fed;
• Rolling back the Surveillance State;
• Ending the IRS's war on the liberty movement;
• Firing the TSA;
• Keeping the Internet free of taxes and regulations;
• Advancing freedom and beating back statism at the state and local levels;
• Recruiting and training thousands more pro-liberty Americans to fight!

Accomplishing these goals requires the constant support of the grassroots Americans whose support has enabled Campaign for Liberty to make a real difference for the cause of freedom in its first eight years.

Therefore, I join Dr. Paul and others in promising I will do all I can to Continue the R3VOLution!


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