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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bob Bridges For Ohio Auditor

Campaign Website: Bob-Bridges-For-Ohio-Auditor-in-the-Libertarian-Primary

“Please share this page and the word. I need 500 people to pull a Libertarian ballot and Write in Bob Bridges for Ohio Auditor in the Libertarian Primary May 6, 2014. The Republicans have managed to remove our Statewide Slate. ( For now) I am one of two State wide Candidates left. Help me send a message to the Republicans. We will not give up and we will not surrender. We will see you in November!”

Candidate Bio

“I believe the proper use of government is prosecuting theft and fraud. Not to be a burden on small business, to subsidize special interests, to hand pick winners and losers behind closed doors or to conjure money out of thin air. These are not the proper uses of government. State government is lacking representation of the people of Ohio. This is why I am running for office.

The Citizens of Ohio deserve a guardian of their interest, not of special interests. What the citizens of Ohio need is lower taxes, less government and more personal freedom. This is why I'm running for office.

Give me 1% of your trust, and I'll earn the other 99%.

Bob Bridges has been a longtime champion of civil liberties. The 2009/2010 recipient of the Champions of Liberty Grass Roots Award, 2010/2011 Champions of Liberty Impact Award and has been Awarded the Champions of Liberty Volunteer of the year for the last 2 years. Mr. Bridges believes that government belongs to the people, not special interests or attorneys.

A tow truck operator/ and small business owner , Bob works hard every day and knows firsthand what Ohio families struggle with every day. He believes that what the citizens of Ohio really need is lower taxes, less government, and more personal freedom. The proper use of government in this economy is prosecuting theft and fraud, not to be a burden on small business. The same people have been in charge of Ohio for years - Bob believes it is time for change. The people deserve a guardian of their interests, not special interests.”

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