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Saturday, August 24, 2013

United We Stand Festival (UWS)

Video Published By: Free And Equal | September 19, 2013

Event: Rescheduled to May 10, 2014 U.C.L.A's Pauley Pavilion Los Angeles, California

Website: United We Stand Festival
Facebook Event: United We Stand Festival

“United We Stand” Festival will be the kick-off event for igniting the grassroots movement to break the stranglehold of the two-party duopoly and reform the electoral process throughout the U.S. once and for all. This event will be featuring the music, excitement needed to create a truly successful movement of the voter youth! “United We Stand” Festival is the beginning of the SOLUTION to the political status quo problem.”

Confirmed Guests Update as of November 3, 2013

Abby Martin - (Citizen Journalist)
Adam Schmalholz - (National Poetry Slam Champion)
Amber Lyon - (Emmy Award- Winning Journalist)
Amelia Robinson - ( Leader Civil Rights Movement)
Ben Swann - (Reality Check - Truth in Media Project)
Britney Logan - (Co-Founder UCA Young Americans for Liberty)
Bryant J. Moy - (President YAL @ ASU)
Carl Gibson (Co founder US Uncut, editor Occupy.com) 

Christina Tobin - (Chair Free & Equal)
Cindy Sheehan - (Anti War Activist)
Dan Johnson - (People Against NDAA & PANDA)
Elizabeth Zero - (Comedian, Host, and Producer)
Freddy Sayegh - (Activist Celebrity Defense Attorney)
Gary Johnson - (Former Governor NM. 2012 Libertarian Presidential Candidate)
Golden State - (Los Angeles Rock Band)
Jessica Cone (President & Founder YAL @ UALR Chapter)
Jill Stein - (2012 Green Party Presidential Candidate)
Johnny Campbell - (Vietnam Veteran Singer/Songwriter)
Jon Goodhue (Musician)

Josh Tolley - (The Josh Tolley Show)
Judd Weiss - (Founder & Blogger Hustlebear.com)
Justin Jeffre - (98 Degrees) 

Justin Wedes - (Founding Member NYC General Assembly Occupy)
Kellee Maize - (Singer / Songwritter)
Kimberly and Foster Gamble – (Creators of THRIVE)
Krista Richards -(Singer Songwriter)

Lee Camp -(Comedian)
Lili Haydn - (Violinist, Singer, Composer)
Luke Rudkowski - (We Are Change)
Matt McKinney -(Co-Founder IntellectualRevolution.tv)
Maytha Alhassen -(Journalist, Poet)
Michael Levitin - (Journalist Editor-in-chief Occupy.com)
Paul Dougherty ( Director of Doughetry Laser vision)
Peter Joseph – (Founder Zeitgeist Movement)
Public Enemy - (American Hip Hop Group)
Richard Gage - (Architects & Engineers 911) 

Sabrina Fendrick – (NORML Woman's Alliance)
Saving Abel - (Rock Band)
Sean Stone - (Buzzsaw)
Sheriff Richard Mack - (Former Sheriff Graham Co. Arizona)
Tami Canal - (Founder March Against Monsanto)

(Tatiana Moroz - (Singer and Songwriter)
The Siren - (MTV Featured Artist)

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