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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

RJ HARRIS For Oklahoma Governor

Facebook: RJ. HarrisOfficial
Campaign Website: RJ. Harris Governor of Oklahoma

A Libertarian Democrat

“This Republic was founded on the principles of individual liberty, state sovereignty and economic freedom. In the last century socialists and corporatists from BOTH major parties have sought, and often succeeded, to pervert these very virtuous ends into collective Tyranny, social Justice, and involuntary Servitude by the force of legislation and in the face of the very constitutional protections designed to prevent such vile usurpations of We the People's consent to be governed. But now comes our moment to restore that which has been slowly taken from us by removing the cancer of corporatism and socialism from our government." ~ RJ Harris

RJ Harris is running against Oklahoma Governor (R) Mary Fallin. RJ Harris is committed to expanding and empowering constitutional principles. Mary Fallin has failed as a voice for liberty as Oklahoma Governor. In Congress she voted for corporate bailouts, the patriot act, for government spying programs, and has continued to violate individual liberties as Governor. RJ Harris will fight to defend individual liberties and the rule of law.”

Wake up Oklahoma; it's time to fight for Liberty!

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