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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tea Party 2007 - Columbus Ohio (Encore)

COLUMBUS OHIO TEA PARTY | December 16, 2007
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Liberty-Pac: Eleven months before the 2008 Elections. The COLUMBUS OHIO TEA PARTY happened - December 16, 2007. Sure you know what's going on in your country? I believe the Main Stream Media writes history's narrative and everyone just follows along in lock step.

Sometimes Truth is a little difficult to swallow, especially when you've already been sold a bill of goods. Quote “ Everyone must decide weather he wants uncompromising Truth, or the counterfeit version of Truth.” ~ Vernon Howard ~

By: AirAmericaMedia | April 14, 2009

Montel Williams and Congressman Ron Paul discuss the Tea Party movement, the Obama administration, and the role of government in the United States.


Anonymous said...

WTF is this post about, I thought the Tea Party movement began in 2009?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely NOT!!!

We libertarians started in on this day in 2007 with NO FUNDING FROM THE KOCHs or anyone!