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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fix The Patriot Act

“The PATRIOT Act has been extended through May 2011 to allow time for debate over this controversial and dangerous law. Now is the time for grassroots action. BORDC supports re-introduction and passage of the JUSTICE Act. Which would fix many of the PATRIOT Act's abuses of civil liberties and restore Constitutional Rights. President Obama himself echoed our concerns only threeyears ago.”
Video By: BarackObamadotcom | December 17,2007

“During his campaign, the President repeatedly criticized the PATRIOT Act and promised to implement reforms... to protect law-abiding Americans from unchecked surveillance. But now, for the second time since taking office in 2009, President Obama has taken the same position on the PATRIOT Act as President Bush.”

Democrat / Republican......same shit different pile! Congress needs a wake up call. Let's get the ball rolling people.

HUNDREDS of resolutions have been passed against the PATRIOT Act by states, counties, and municipalities across the country.

Resolutions Passed and Efforts Underway

Bill Of Rights Defense Committee

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