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Saturday, November 21, 2009

PASS ID ACT S. 1261 National ID

By: Liberty-Pac | November 21, 2009

The Real ID and; Pass ID Acts are the 2nd, 3rd and 4th attempts since 1997 the United States Congress has, through legislation attempted to create a national identification system. Back in 1997 a majority of Republicans and Democrats opposed the national ID scheme, due to privacy and Bill of Rights infringements the ID could eventually pose. The ID scheme was finally defeated in 1999. Since the published 911 commission report both parties republicans and democrats are now hell bent on the creation of this national ID scheme.

The threat of terrorism and illegal immigration is the new rally cry for this current federal power grab. The Real ID and Pass ID Acts both transform State BMV's into agents of the Federal Govt. If we the people allow the Federal Government to set the standards for State citizen identification, we will be opening the back door to any current or future standards the Dept. of Homeland Security may apply to these ID schemes at their connivance. RFID embedded chips, Retina and, Finger Print scans to name a few of the top ID technologies. The USA Patriot ACT already mandates an entry-exit biometric system at ports of entry, and page. 388 of the 911 commission report states " Americans should not be exempt from carrying biometric passports at ports of entry"

I understand many citizens choose not to become involved in the decision making process. After all we elect representatives to make the decisions for us. However we should consider, while our representatives are making these decisions, it is the lobbyists who fill the politician's purse in return for contracts and special favors. One only need to look at the premier ID manufacturer
L-1 Identity Solutions

L-1 manufactures State drivers license, DOD CAC cards and US. Pass Ports. Is this the road we desire to travel down? For myself this is a 4th and 10th Amendment issue. If you are interested in stopping the Real ID and Pass ID Act please join me in this historic battle and sign the petition to put an end to this federal ID scheme.


Edit- April 2017 Hummmm L-1 Identity Solutions Off line

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