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Saturday, May 31, 2014


Global Freedom Summit 2014

Live stream starts Monday June 2nd through Saturday June 7th, 6pm-10pm ET

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Are you tired of the lies, deceit, and dishonesty streaming out of Washington, D.C.? Are you exhausted with the corrupt policies implemented by the federal government? Are you interested in learning how to legally regain your rights, liberties, and freedoms? Have you answered ‘yes’ to any, and/or all of these questions? Then the Global Freedom Summit 2014 is the one event you cannot afford to miss!

Welcome to the single greatest Freedom event of the year! Given the current state of affairs in America the Global Freedom Summit 2014 presents an opportunity for all interested patriotic individuals to participate in receiving a vast amount of knowledge associated with the multitude of concerns facing our country in the very near future. The Goal: individual empowerment for a freer and healthier life.

Millions of American citizens have growing concerns about the direction the United States is heading in, both nationally, as well as internationally. The Global Freedom Summit 2014 has assembled over 22 guest speakers who embrace the principles America was founded on. These speakers will participate and share the valuable information they have garnered throughout lengthy careers, aimed at maintaining the freedoms guaranteed to all citizens under the Constitution. It is through this summit that will will transfer their knowledge to you and achieve our goal.”

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Economy & Rights Freedom Action Vaccines & Privacy Health & Wellness Justice & Media Agendas &  Resolutions 
Times EST/PM Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6:00 Jeffery Tucker George Shepherd Dr Sherri Tenpenny Leon Green Sheriff Richard Mack Dr. Duke Pesta
7:00 Edward Hanna Gigi Bowman Dr. Mayer Eisenstein Mike Adams Ben Swann Tom Deweese
8:00 Ellen Brown Ernest Hancock Katherine Albrecht Robert Scott Bell Joseph Banister Michael Maharrey
9:00 Tom Woods John Bush Mark Lerner Ty Bollinger Kirsten Tynan Dean Kasal

Speakers Schedule

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